A 2004 Playstation 2 Game Is Being Remembered For Completely Insulting Its Gamers

Photo: InXile Entertainment

Do you remember what you were up to in 2004? I was in high school attempting to talk to girls without sweating puddles and stuttering over every third word. But when I wasn’t destroying my chances with the opposite sex I was most likely on my Playstation 2, just like many people my age were. But why bring up 2004? Because that’s the year that PS2 game The Bard’s Tale was released. And today it’s being remembered for one thing and one thing only: insulting its gamers.

Twitter user @alejansolo has made us all remember the game, which was a spoof of fantasy role-playing video games, by sharing one hilarious tweet. The tweet pretty much reminds us all that the game went out of its way to deliver one hell of a burn. Take a look at the tweet below to see it:

Holy hell. Here’s a closer look:

Screengrab: Twitter

Screengrab: Twitter

Imagine getting excited to play a video game only for your self-esteem to take a brutal hit. Twitter was all about this burn, too:

But at least there’s this: Study Says Gamers Last Longer In Bed So Keep On Playing You Nerds