Today’s Funny Photos 1-24-18

It’s difficult to start your day on the wrong foot with funny photos around. Especially when the freshest of the fresh are rounded up for you on the daily. Sure, maybe Tide Pod jokes are starting to run their course by now, but there are still a few laughs to be wrung out. For instance, that was a great laundry pun and I honestly did it by accident.

But if puns don’t float your boat, that’s OK. There are plenty more straightforward gags in this collection that are sure to tickle your fancy. Because if there’s one thing that makes humor even more uproarious, it’s frank simplicity.

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Today’s Funny Photos 1-24-18

funny photos 1-24-18funny photos 1-24-18funny photos 1-24-18funny photos 1-24-18

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