Today’s Funny Photos 1-22-18

Just another Mandatory Monday. The Bangles got it. Well, close enough anyway. While you might wish it were Sunday, it’s time to face the harsh reality that it is, indeed, not Sunday at all. In fact, it’s arguably the worst day of the week. But do you know what makes it a lot easier to swallow? Alcohol. That, and funny photos, of course. In fact, between the two, you might actually forget what day it is entirely. That’s why we always put a date at the top.

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Today’s Funny Photos 1-22-18

funny photos 1-22-18funny photos 1-22-18funny photos 1-22-18funny photos 1-22-18

Sometimes, but not every time: Nicolas Cage Just Signed On To Another Hilariously Bad Project That Will Find Him Battling A White Jaguar

That’d be like not checking out Page 2 when you’ve already come this far.