The Week’s Funniest GIFs 1-18-17

Some days, you just don’t care to try to be funny. It’s exhausting, and oftentimes way more time-consuming than the joke is inevitably worth. Sure, that’s probably not a good mindset for someone who writes humorous material almost exclusively, but that’s exactly why GIF roundups are so brilliant. We can simply leave the funny to them and let God sort ’em out. Wait…we might have got our wires crossed there. But you get the point. Flip through our weekly collection of the funniest GIFs around the web and they’ll certainly do the rest…or die trying. Hmm, that was even more incorrect.

Also, we’ll still provide captions to fill the void on the off chance your funny bone is out of alignment. Although, if we provided something like cookies, we might get even more takers. (Note to self: Figure out how to “provide cookies” so people will finally listen to your demo CD)

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Funniest GIFs 1-18-17

If you haven’t died laughing yet (morbid, but we’re rolling with it), there are plenty more hilarious sights to behold in last week’s hilarious GIFs roundup.