Today’s Funny Photos 1-11-18

You’d think the world would eventually run out of funny pictures, and yet, here we are again. Sure, I’m basing that assumption on the fact that it’s 2018 and every one of your favorite movies has been remade twice over, but that’s beside the point. Actually, with the way I ramble, I already forgot what the point was. Plus, I’m too lazy to go back and read what I already wrote. Welp, guess I’ll look at some hilarious pics and memes.

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funny photos 1-11-18 funny photos 1-11-18 funny photos 1-11-18 funny photos 1-11-18

But enough kitten around: A Service Dog In The Crowd Chased An Actress In ‘Cats’ Off The Broadway Stage

If you think that’s a little on the nose, you’re not gonna like us blatantly urging you to go to Page 2 in bright red lettering.


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