Today’s Funny Photos 12-8-17

Outside of the weekend itself, there is no day that feel more freeing that Friday. Then again, that might just be due to the fact that I forgot to put on underwear this morning in my haste to get to work and whip up a fresh batch of funnies. But even if you properly dressed, the last day of the workweek is by far the best…of the workweek. Again, Saturday and Sunday kick the sh*t out of the whole lot of them, but I’m just trying to be optimistic here. Now let’s get onto today’s collection before this intro gets even more convoluted or I start talking more about my skivvies. No one wants to hear that.

However, “I follow Mandatory on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,” is music to our ears, so keep that kind of chatter up all day.

Guess who! …no, seriously, guess.

AHHHH! What the hell is that?! Quick, run like hell to Page 2! RUUUUUUUN!!!!


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