Today’s Funny Photos 9-29-17

Who doesn’t love keeping things fresh and spontaneous? Especially when those things are brand new and hilarious. That’s why we split yesterday’s funny photos into two separate pages. We figured by doing so, it would feel like you were getting double the comedy bang for your buck. Plus, no one wants to get stuck in the same old routine, even if it’s just a familiar layout. So today, we’ll be taking things a step even further by presenting you with a fresh batch of the funny photos you’ve grown to love in the formation of a slideshow. Everyone loves slides, right? And shows, for that matter. In the case of slideshows, you also get the added pleasure of punny captions, which is something we consider to be a staple to our weekly GIF roundups, and pretty enjoyable to write on top of it.

But hey, we don’t want to rock the boat. You just say the word and we’ll put things back to the way they were like some sort of friendly genie. But you only get two wishes after that, so choose wisely.

If Mandatory had three wishes, they would be for you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Then, if that only counted as one wish, the other two would be arms made of unlimited pizza and the ability to fly while naked (but only so no one would ask us to take them places).

The hilarity doesn’t have to end here. There are all sorts of laughs to be had in our Funny Photos and Weird News sections.


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