Today’s Funny Photos 9-21-17

We assume if you’re here right now, you’re ready to laugh your butt off. That, or you’re an elderly person clicking aimlessly until you eventually hit the right pop-up ad that completely annihilates your hard drive. Hopefully that’s not too forward of me to say. I’m merely speaking from personal experience, as neither of my parents could successfully navigate the internet for more than a few minutes before one of them breaks down. In any case, we only bring that up to point out there will be no, “Who’s ready to laugh their butts off?” introduction. It’s insulting to you; it’s insulting to me. So let’s all just have a fun time like we planned and be done with it.

Mandatory on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! We shouldn’t have.

Funny Photos 9-21-17

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If you don’t check out yesterday’s funny photos again, we’ll bust out the cheating allegations on you!


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