‘Professional Mourner’ Cries At Funerals For Money And Twitter Is Laughing So Hard They’re In Tears

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Funerals are not a joyous occasion — it’s a bunch of people coming together to mourn someone who has just passed. But what about if the person who just passed wasn’t all that liked and you know that there won’t be much of a reaction at the funeral? Well, in walks Sylvester Ricardo Moss.

Moss, from Nassau, in the Bahamas, is here to make any funeral a super sad affair. And how? By showing up and crying his face off. Moss describes himself as a “professional mourner,” and a recent Facebook post shows the services he offers and just how much each service will cost you. And let’s just say that it’s hilarious.

This is what the ad reads:

Do you want to boost your funeral?

Hire me….the professional mourner to come and cry at the funeral.

Below are the “Summer Special” prices:

1. Normal crying $50

2. Bahamian hollering $100

3. Crying and rolling on the ground $150

4. Crying and threatening to jump into the grave $200

5. Crying and actually jumping in the grave $1000

Inbox me for bookings

Crying and jumping in the grave? Hell, I want someone to do that when I die. Moss’ hilarious post was also shared on Twitter were it also blew up.

And Twitter was loving every minute of it.

Maybe I need to get into this business…

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