Today’s Funny Photos 8-25-17

Are you in a good mood? You should be. Why’s that? Two reasons: 1) It’s Friday. 2) And we have a new batch of Funny Photos to show you, of course. And those reasons should be enough to put a big old smile on your face. I mean come on, you’ve been waiting for these laughs all morning, right? Of course you have. So now the waiting is over and you can get back to laughing it up. But I think it’s only right, as we always do, to kick these photos off with not one, but two hot gals. Enjoy.

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Buzz got roasted, too, recently: Tim Allen Makes A Comment About Evolution On Twitter, Quickly Gets Roasted







Well, at least he was honest. And let us be honest now: We have a ton of more Funny Photos for your enjoyment, so get to it!


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