Chicago Residents Keep Reporting Seeing ‘Flying Humanoids’ In The City

Illustration: YouTube/Terror Films

Hey, Chicago, you OK?

Growing up, one of the scariest movies I ever saw was The Mothman Prophecies. It freaked me out for weeks knowing that there was a chance a half-man, half-moth was harassing people. And now, according to The Chicago Reader, there has been a record number of “flying humanoids” sightings — as of the second week of August, 29 sightings have been reported. And some of these sightings have been reported by a police officer and a journalist, so you know not all of them are from nutty people.

Gif: Deviant Art/CloudyMayDay

Gif: Deviant Art/CloudyMayDay

But what the hell could these things be? Drones? Gliders? Huge birds? And it better not be Mothman. Most reports are stating that this creature people are seeing just “hovers in the air,” but one person claims they saw a winged humanoid figure leap off Sears tower. But there’s more.  Another sighting involved two creatures together flying over Adler Planetarium. What the hell?

“They flew figure eights around each other,” a witness told the Chicago Reader. “It looked like they were dancing in a strange sort of way. It was actually quite beautiful, considering how freaking strange it was.”

And people of course chimed in over these sightings. Check out some of the reactions below.

Well, keep your eyes on the skies, Chicago.


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