The Funniest Ashley Madison Reviews On The Internet

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Online dating website became notorious on the web when the larger public realized that it focuses on matching people who are in serious relationships and looking to cheat. But Ashley Madison became even more well-known when it got hacked with their users’ personal information leaked online. After the news broke out watching Funny Ashley Madison reviews became our favorite pastime.

And the reason there are so many angry – but to us funny – Ashley Madison reviews is because the website drains people of their cash, as evident by these reviews you’ll about to read.

All the Ashley Madison reviews you’ll read are taken from but they are hilarious in many different ways. Our favorite being the ones calling the creators of the site “immoral” and when nothing could make using this site un-sleazy.

Funny Ashley Madison Reviews

I received “must pay to read” messages while I was still writing my profile. Not only is Ashley Madison pretty much unknown in my country, but I’m seriously not that hot in pictures.

Before you pay, do yourself a favor and post a fake profile of a 75 yr man overweight with an occasional uncontrolled herpes outbreak, and surprise of surprises, you will get “women” beating down your door until you enter your CC.

I spent my hard earned on this and really wish I hadn’t bothered. At least if I’d spent the money on an escort I’d have got a blow job for my trouble. Save your money, it’s not worth it.

AM is a complete scam. This is cleverly designed to make sure you spend at least $50-100 before they actually let you connect with real people. Its is vey well done (these guys are smart but totally unethical) to take your money.

All women profile are fake, you know it when they send you pictures of different people, or they ask for your ID background in case you want to rape them…. furthermore it is expensive and you have to pay 15 pounds to delete your profile. Noone should play with men feelings this way.

All women in those pictures are fake….I hope the government do something about this….is a complete scam ….Watch out for the $19.00 cancellation fee.

It’s a total scam. My age (70+) is on my profile, and little else. I get dozens of messages from non-existent but horny19 year olds who can wait to get my creaky old bod into bed with them, and they all say zip about themselves, except for sexy photos, and they loved my profile.

I should have been smarter. A clear indicator was that I had interest before my picture was even approved. RIGHT!

I don’t have money to delete my free account. Can any body help. In desperate need please!?

THEIVES, DO NOT SIGN-UP. THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY. THEY ARE THEIVES. I canceled after 12 hours of signing up. 12 hrs cost me $91.00. THEIVES.

I was on Ashley Madison about eight years ago and had great success but boy, has it changed! These days the site management is as aggressive about scamming you as are the Nigerian guys posing as young women.

All of you scummy creepy people get what you deserve complaining about getting scammed from your money. Karma! You guys are all a cest pool of sh!t! I love it how these stupid sluts are like oh I met great men on here. That’s so funny considering everyone on this site and leaving these comments are low life horrible pathetic people. Get a divorce and have a soul! You are all going to hell and get what you deserve now or later in life. 😀

“A fool and his money soon part ways”, “If it seems too good to be true it probably is”, etc etc. Save your money for a prostitute.

tell me why someone in Los Angeles wants to meet a guy in Alabama …. They took my money and I didn’t get kissed…I will never buy anything again from those crooks

If you truly are using this site for affairs…you all are terrible people who will burn in Hell. Shame on you. I pray your spouse catches you or someone rats each and every one of you out..if I could…I so would! You are all very terrible people for being married and having to go out and $#*! something else. Pigs! Any self-respecting man or woman would NEVER cheat. If they are that terrible…divorce $#*!ers. Not that hard. “Oh…but the kids…” $#*! your kids cause obviously you hate them if your screwing other people aside from their mommy. Yeah I said it. What would you do if it was YOUR daughter on this site $#*!ing every man? Then again…if you mess around…you probably would do your own daughter too. No surprise coming from people like you all.

This last glorious Ashley madison review was topped off with the fitting title “Ashley Maddison is a slut”.

Ashley Madison dating site is a brilliant business scheme, to be honest, you get to scam a lot of people for large amounts of money but don’t have to feel bad as they are doing something that is even more amoral. Even our advice on how to conquer any dating site couldn’t help you with these bots. And if Ashley Madison ads didn’t disgust you, you deserve to have little less money on your accounts.

Which of these Ashley Madison reviews got you to laught the most?

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