Today’s Funny Photos 7-28-17

There’s something about Friday Funny Photos that just feels better. Perhaps it is that it’s Friday. Yep, that’s definitely it. You’re riding high and you’re ready for the weekend after a long workweek. And what better way to go charging into the week than with a batch of laughs. Nothing is going to break your stride, nothing at all, you’ve got to keep on moving. And keep on moving towards our funnies. Enjoy the laughs and enjoy the weekend, folks! You’ve earned some time off.

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It’s best you follow the rules or this might happen: Douche Ignores ‘No Parking’ Sign, Returns To Find His Ferrari In The Middle Of Flea Market






And if you get stressed of course you get anxiety, too. Everyone does: The Every Day Inner Dialogue For Someone With Anxiety





Well that’s certainly one way to wrap up our Friday funnies. But hey, if you aren’t done laughing you can always check out more of our Funny Photos.


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