Today’s Funny Photos 7-21-17

With nothing but Comic-Con and boozing on our minds, we embark on yet another weekend together. Or, separate. Yeah, probably separate. After all, just because you spend the week with someone, that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll automatically be spending your free time with them, too. In fact, I’d venture quite the opposite is true in most cases. Quick, shout out three of your coworkers’ last names! See, you couldn’t do it, could you? And now you look like the office weirdo because you just yelled the last name of one fellow employee and then just sat there going “Uhh…uhh…uhh…” like an idiot. Anyways, sorry I embarrassed you like that. How would you like some funny photos as a peace offering?

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Today’s Funny Photos 7-21-17

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Some folks have all the luck. But definitely not all: This Dude Got A Temporary Henna Tattoo That Scarred His Face


I guess that’s as good as we’re going to get: No, Disney Isn’t Making a ‘Live-Action’ Lion King Movie


That’s one hell of an exit. But unlike these two, we’d never leave you empty-handed. Have some yesterday’s funny photos for the long road ahead.