The Week’s Funniest GIFs 7-13-17

Hello again, boy-os and girl…os. Hmm, that didn’t sound nearly as good. Anyways, if you’ve checked your calendar, then you know it’s Thursday. That means that it’s time for another sidesplitting round of the funniest GIFs from around the web. Have at them, and remember, if you own a physical calendar and an cell phone, you’re a sucker. I mean, for crying out loud it’s…

*reaches into pocket of super tight skinny jeans and struggles to pull giant iPhone out instead of just easily looking at the calendar hanging on his cubicle neighbor’s wall*


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Funniest GIFs 7-13-17

GIFs 7-13-17
Heh heh. Alright.
GIFs 7-13-17
At no point does he even consider stopping dancing.
GIFs 7-13-17
Finally, a realistic trick I can teach my dog how to do with minimal effort.
GIFs 7-13-17
Red rover, red rover, send an ambulance right over!
Get a more dimly lit room, you two!
Maybe the plane itself hit “Eject.”
Should have used a Super Soaker.
No, honey, the line is “I’m lovin’ it.”
Jesus, where are they hiring these spokeskids?
That should be an interesting car ride home.
I always wondered what the band name Three Dog Night meant.
That’s not even a fun way to get caught with your pants around your ankles.

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