Man Gets Mistaken For Morgan Freeman, Proceeds To Have Best Bachelor Weekend Ever

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Let me first start off by reminding you all not only who Morgan Freeman is but what he looks like. This is 80-year-old Oscar winner Freeman:

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way let me tell you folks about a dude named Norman who attended a bachelor party (known as a ‘stag’ in the UK) and was somehow mistaken for Freeman — and it only led to him having the best time anyone can have.

Let’s first check out the tweet that was shared by the man’s nephew.

Incredible. Here is a closer look.

Photo: Instagram/Twitter

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Photo: Snapchat/Twitter

Hell, even this girl got fooled.

Here’s what Norman’s nephew had to say about this hilarious case of mistaken-identity.

“I wasn’t in Magaluf at the time when he was out there but I heard through my cousin (his daughter) that he took everything in good spirit and just had a laugh with the people that were mistaking him for Morgan Freeman.

I don’t think that it happens all too often but I remember at his grandchild’s christening not too long ago people were joking about him looking like the actor; that’s the first time I’d heard about it! I’m pretty sure he now knows that he’s gone viral as my cousin would have definitely told him about it! He’s just normal and getting on with his life. He runs a great Caribbean food service that is very popular so he dedicates his time into that mostly.”

Well let’s all give Norman some kudos. Morgan, too.

h/t FHM

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