Restaurtant Worker Claims She Was Fired For Not Wearing A Bra

Photo: Facebook/Kate Hanna

And here I was thinking this would get her a promotion.

If you went to your local restaurant for an overpriced burger and noticed that your waitress was not wearing a bra would it bother you? No, it wouldn’t, but apparently one restaurant worker got the boot for doing just that: not wearing a bra.

Kate Hanna took it to Facebook to make claims that she was fired from her job at Bird and Beer in Beverley in the East Riding of Yorkshire for refusing to wear a bra during her shift. Not only did Hanna reveal why she got fired, but she even shared a photo of her uniform that apparently pissed off her employers so much they fired her. Take a look at it below thanks to Hanna’s Facebook.

Photo: Facebook/Kate Hanna

Photo: Facebook/Kate Hanna

You can see her nips if you really get in close, but in other news who cares?

Here’s Hanna’s explanation that she shared on Facebook.

“So, I’ve just got home after being sacked from my job, for refusing to wear a bra. Yesterday an inappropriate sexual remark was made to me [at work]. I felt uncomfortable, objectified and shocked that this had happened. Unfortunately [the manager] saw fit to deal with the situation by telling me that I’m not allowed into work in future unless I’m wearing a bra.

This was said to me in front of three other staff members and customers, leaving me feeling body shamed and completely shocked that the blame was being put onto me that I had been sexually harassed at work. I am absolutely disgusted with the blatant lack of respect for my right as a woman to wear whatever makes me personally comfortable. I feel so sad.”

Well damn, Bird and Beer has some explaining to do, and they did exactly just that taking it to their Facebook to say this:

bird and beer1

Photo: Facebook/Bird & Beer

While it’s not clear whether the restaurant is investigating the initial incident of sexual harassment reported by Hanna, at least we know there are plenty of restaurants that would glad take Hanna. Off the top of my head I can think of one.


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