Today’s Funny Photos 6-23-17

It’s time to shake things up around here. Every day it’s the same damn thing. True, the photos are different and always hilar, but where’s the sense of interaction? As I’ve made perfectly clear numerous times, I’m well aware that everyone reads my intros. No one would have the audacity to blast right past them just to get to the funny pictures. So why not make a game out of the whole thing for you keen-eyed viewers out there? Two of the following photos share a common theme. Be the first to reply with the answer in the comments section on our Facebook page. Winner gets a doll hair, which isn’t as cool as it sounds these days.

Hint: we’ve written several articles of late relating to the subject of this mystery theme, which we’ve also posted to our Mandatory Facebook and Twitter pages. Happy hunting!

You think that’s impressive? Ever Seen A Guy Beat A Video Game With Bananas Before?

See, there are plenty of father-son photos you can take that don’t make everyone incredibly uncomfortable: This Dude And His Dad Recreated A Bath Photo And It Freaked The Internet Out

Always leave them laughing. And if that doesn’t work, simply direct them to yesterday’s funny photos.


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