Girlfriend Meme For Each Stage of a Relationship

Laughing at your miserable dating life and at that succubus of your ex are both amazing experiences, but when you’re finished with the pair of these therapeutic activities you will still require more, as male-female relations are truly tough. Now we have gathered a collection of premium girlfriend memes for each step of the relationship, and surprisingly, from both sides. It all doesn’t stop when you find a perfect mate like the one in the leading photo epically called “pizza slut”, there is a proper girlfriend meme for every life situation. We have truly come a long way as a species.Girlfriend memeThe first step in getting a girlfriend is realizing you need one, and that usually happens when you have to visit an orthopedic physician because the joints in your wrists are making that crumbling noise again.
Drake and Cousins girlfriend memeYou get a girlfriend and everything is going great, she is smitten, you exchange memes (but not Foul Bachelor Frog ones), you plan trips, and most importantly your joints are getting better and you can now open bottled water without assistance.
Girlfriend meme jealous dogBut the things are too good, and that’s not what life’s about. Now your friends start disclosing their concerns as you see them as much as you get to see sports games, meaning almost never. And yes, this includes your best friend too, he might take treats from her hand, but it’s only a question of time when he will start walking in front of her on top of stairs or a mountain.
Jealous girlfriend memeBefore you only had to worry about the government spying on you constantly, but now you face an even greater threat to your privacy and civil liberties – a girlfriend. The leash is getting tighter at this stage, but there are still a lot of girlfriend memes to go.
Savage girlfriend memeThe first fight is always the testing of the powers, but since you’ve gotten a hang of it you now realize there is a pattern to them, so now every compliment is received as a possible future insult, so the guard is always up. It’s a struggle.
Hungry girlfriend memesAlthough, there are even more terrifying things than backhanded compliments and outright insults, and that thing is a hungry female. Only the bravest of the knights dare temper with this unleashed dragon which spouts fire out of its eyes instead of the mouth.

When it comes to girlfriend memes, it is only fair that the girlfriend themselves have their take with it.
Jealous girlfriend memeRaised eyebrows and a gaze down follow the mention of a female name as certainly as things fall due to gravity. Don’t expect a question right away, but a casual one weeks later, so don’t let your guard down man, as you’ll get knocked out without a tell.
Best girlfriend memeThis is a meme for the girlfriends of the world, and a pro tip for the boyfriends of it, what do you want to do with it, good or bad, make her feel safe or pissed off, it’s up to you.
Sexy girlfriend memeIn the end, when a relationship ends, another beautiful thing begins. No, we don’t mean another relationship, but a race to see who will win the break-up. That’s when girls bring out their make-up chests down from the attic, also their chest chest out, and #nofilter hashtags on Instagram become a thing of the past.

But guys can respond by making an awesome girlfriend meme which is like a nuke in this war and you should join in and list them in the comments bellow. It’s for a good cause. A petty one.

The Key To A Happy Girlfriend Is Listening To The Weeknd’s Best Songs Together.