Best “Good Girl Gina” Memes

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all those memes that appear on the Internet on a daily basis, but it’s our online duty to do so. One of the more eye-pleasing memes out there is certainly the Good Girl Gina meme that features a hot smiling brunette that represents every guy’s perfect girlfriend. There are billions of these images online (maybe less than that, but you’re welcome to count them all) with numerous situations where Gina’s goodness comes to shine. Here are some of the best examples of the meme, along with a short history and a couple of boring explanations.

A Brief History

The meme first came to life on Reddit – where else? – when one of its users posted a picture of a female bartender and wrote the caption – Good Girl Gina. Although it can be said that he came up with the phrase, the picture itself wasn’t all that popular and didn’t make anyone interested. Soon after, another user posted a photo of the now-famous brunette and wrote quite a memorable caption. Because the people on the Internet are quite impressionable, this very quickly became an incredible hit and “Good Girl Gina” memes started appearing left and right. Some of the people who research these topics found that the photographer’s name was Jacob Yuri Wackerhausen, but knew nothing about the model, until she appeared herself on Reddit’s AMA and amazed the already bewildered meme community. The name of the model is Emma Kathrine and if you’re absolutely dying to ask her a question, you can do it here.

So, without further ado, here are some of the most popular memes going around these days.

Good Girl Gina and Sexism

As you can see, some of these memes, though funny, are also not quite politically correct, which led to some sexism accusations. Apparently, some people didn’t realize that Good Gina is supposed to be a great, caring girlfriend, and not someone who just fulfills all kinds of male fantasies. People opposing to this kind of misuse decided at one point to address this issue and, considering it’s the Internet we’re talking about, they decided to do it via memes.

And then the responses to the same accusations came in the form of, you’ve guessed it, memes!

After that came a number of variations to Good Girl Gina, combining her with older memes or replacing the image to get a whole new thing that, still, feels the same. Either way, here are some more memes, we know you want them.

About Emma Kathrine

At the end, here are a couple more things about the girl in the photo you probably didn’t know (and didn’t even know you wanted to know). Well, we’ve already mentioned that her name is Emma Kathrine, but did you know that she is from Denmark? Yeah, mind-blowing. Apparently, she wasn’t too affected by the popularity of the picture because the whole meme thing is not so popular in Denmark actually. When she first found out about it, she didn’t really understand what it was. So, if you ever get tired of memes and silly internet trends, the Danish will take you in and you might even meet a girl as beautiful as Emma (Gina). Finally, you should probably know that Emma modeled for this picture when she was just 16. Yes, the Good Girl Gina you dream about while browsing the web is actually an underage girl and you should really be ashamed of it. It’s OK, we won’t tell anyone.

Which one of these Good Girl Gina memes is your favorite? Have you made any yourself? Feel free to share in the comment section below.