Today’s Funny Photos 6-5-17

Well, last week we had Monday off because of Memorial Day. But this time around we had to come into work, and that’s never a good thing especially on a Monday. But you know what? At least we are here, and we’re in this together as usual. So while everyone is breaking apart at the seams, here at Mandatory we aim to keep all you folks together. And the only way we can do that by is by sharing photos of a bunch of hot girls. Oh wait, it’s actually also by sharing a batch of Funny Photos everyday for your pleasure. So when you wake up and get to work, you should be checking in with us to check out today’s laughs. Yeah, it’s Monday and that is awful, but let’s try and squeeze some chuckles out.

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Well once you check out these Tinder profiles that might make you question ever dating again.





They may be old farts, but they will never be too old to check out more of our Funny Photos.





That baby knows exactly what it did. Well, anyway, go ahead and check out last Friday’s Funny Photos.          


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