Dude Claiming To Be The Real Jack Dawson From ‘Titanic’ Is Suing James Cameron

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That movie came out 20 years ago, so I’m just going to assume he just got around to watching it.

I was 8-years-old when Titanic came out, and even back then I knew what a massive hit it was. Not because it made a boatload of money and reeled in a bunch of Oscars, but because my sister owned the VHS which came in two tapes. But Titanic is back in the news today, and that’s only because a guy is claiming he’s the real Jack Dawson.

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A Florida (of course) man named Stephen Cummings is actually suing the director of Titanic, James Cameron, as he is claiming that Cameron used his personal history to create the character of Jack Dawson.

According to TMZ, Cummings’ stories were apparently very well known in his town, and he believes Cameron heard about them through word of mouth in the late eighties. And Cummings has more. Cummings also believes that the depiction of the unsinkable ship in the film was based on “stories he told friends about two of his relatives who were aboard the real ship. The wife survived, the husband did not.”  And not based off history. Wow.

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Cummings is suing James Cameron for $300 million, and 1% of the film’s royalties. Good luck with that, buddy.

But if he’s the real Jack Dawson, then the question remains: who is the real Cal Hockley?


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