‘Mocking SpongeBob’ Meme Is The Trendiest Way To Insult Someone

Mockery is the sincerest form of flattery. That’s the expression, right? If so, the latest meme to feature everyone’s favorite pineapple who lives under the sea is sure to put you in the good graces of anyone you use it on. Or bad graces, depending on their sense of humor.

There’s no telling when the simplest meme will catch on and spread across the internet like wildfire. Maybe it’s a sly bird. Or perhaps more of a concept rather than just a photo with a silly caption. In this case, it’s more in line with the first example. The “Mocking SpongeBob” meme doesn’t need to be nearly as clever to work its magic, though.

The Best Of “Mocking SpongeBob” Meme

Strangely enough, the joke — juvenile as it may be — didn’t even come from the show itself. Rather, the screencap of SpongeBob’s derp face inspired the joke on sight alone. And if you don’t believe us, here’s the video proof:

Jeez, that’s a lot of backstory for a stupid internet meme everyone will forget about by the end of the week?

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