Ex Girlfriend Memes To Laugh At That Succubus

In the savage times before the internet people had to do paganistic rituals of burning old pictures if they wanted to reach closure with their ex, or to bore their friends by continuously badmouthing the ex. In the modern, more civilized times we’re living in, we do this process of healing more gracefully, by making ex girlfriend memes, finding comfort in so many other people who find our struggles relatable. And also diminishing the reputation of those evil succubi that have drained our life energy for too long.

Kevin Durant starts us off and he really captures the confusion and betrayal we guys feel when we see our ex dating other people and not joining a monastery after dating us. It’s just the continuation of the disrespect you had to endure during a relationship like being obligated to remember her pet’s name.

The main theme with exes is getting back together, or at least attempts for that to happen and here we have the blueprint every guy should follow when his ex shamelessly tries that. Guys, don’t fall for that “I dreamt you last night” move, as that is basically the only thing that they got in their playbooks and her dream might turn into your nightmare. Again.

It’s incredibly important to remember why you aren’t with the girl that is trying to text you back, don’t just remember the good stuff, unrepress the terrible things from the relationship. And everything gets remembered better if it’s in a song.

We’ve all been here. Repeat the cycle in around three to four month. The conclusion is never not true. This is one of the reoccurring moments in the life of a Foul Bachelor Frog guy.

Having an ex girlfriend is all about being petty and keeping score with you always being the winner.

For those of you who don’t follow soccer, well Palmeiras is a Brazilian club, in which players have good, but not amazing salaries and are not known worldwide. “City” is English Manchester City, one of the richest clubs in the world who is famous for giving their players insane salaries, and the hero of this story became globally known due to his transfer to City. So that should answer your question whether girls are gold diggers around the globe.

This dude went through sniper training as this is some next-level ex-dodging stuff, as it should be as toxic scud attacks are nothing to mess with. But it’s better if you throw her under the bus instead of getting under one yourself.

The way he is firmly gripping the steering wheel makes us believe he is really living his fantasy in his mind, expecting that impact and the bouncing sounds after it.

While fantasies are great, and this might be just an ex girlfriend meme, but is undeniably true. Even on a deeper level as we all tend to act child-like when around the people we used to be close with. This is something Drake would rap about.

It might be cool to be at least respective to your ex, but not if she drops this line on you, then it’s totally ok to act like a lunatic frauding millionaire and to daydream about running her over on the highway.

Regardless of how you feel about your ex, when this happens you’ll make this face, it’s a reflex like when the doctor hits your knee. Always go with your gut man.

Share your favorite ex girlfriend memes with us in the comments please, that’s the best way to get over all the drama.

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