Really Funny Memes: Foul Bachelor Frog Edition

When it comes to really funny memes that men can relate to, and especially CraveOnline readers, there’s no more relevant group of memes than the Foul Bachelor Frog. In the words of every single Tumblr user – this frog is our collective spirit animal. Falling into advice animal image macro series this simple meme with a frog on a green background, and a premise of everyday habits of single, bachelor men that might disgust other people. Scratch that “might”, definitely, it will definitely disgust some as the basis for it was blasting all your problems with piss, the same you do with feces left on the toilet. Eventually, it grew and entered all areas of single living, but mostly focused on faping, loneliness, laziness, sloppiness, and being the opposite of a Don Juan.

The Foul Bachelor Frog appeared in the golden age of classical memes such as Bad Luck Brian and the Nicholas Cage You Don’t Say meme, so it was highly influential for the meme generation.

Unfortunately, a bunch of internet meme amateurs brought the good name of FBF to the ground with uninspiring, basic captions like “Finished eating – leave dirty plate on your desk”(??). But we have here for you only the pure quality foulness to make sure the legacy of the green hooligan remains strong.

The essence of a Foul Bachelor Frog is faping, that’s why some say that FBF actually stands for Fapping Bachelor Frog, and the hero of our youth is constantly on the hunt for masturbation-inspiration. Luckily, he doesn’t need much.

Every bachelor knows for a time where the dishes were avoided the same way Tom Brady avoids punishments for his “interpretations of rules”. This happens when one of those days when you don’t even put your pants up or go outside, turns into that kind of a week, the FBF week.

This doesn’t need to be explained, you’re a man on the internet, you know the struggle. Hopefully, this tab isn’t amongst them.

Dire times require dire acts.

Usually happens a lot during the FBF week, but the good side of this is that you’re not wearing socks as you don’t have any clean one so you don’t have to worry about soaking them.

Nice doesn’t even have to be nice, even displays of common courtesy that you would give to a stray raccoon can be triggers for a young man to dream. Really funny memes are usually the ones that are the most realistic and this one hits home hard.

In all the romantic comedies you can’t find a better definition of true love, this proves you can be foul and sensitive at the same time.

Despite knowing what love is, the FBF doesn’t experience it, or human contact for that matter, but his vision of himself changes at the slightest interaction.

The most Foul Bachelor Frog thing you can do is to relate to every single one of these really funny memes, and not even think about changing your lifestyle. What makes the situation better is that there is also the Foul Bachelorette Frog meme, so maybe there’s hope.

Girl: I went to the beach for the weekend…

FBF: Yeah, I kno…

Girl: What, how, we just met?

FBF: … Erg… Because you’re tanned?

If this happened to you, there’s no denying it, you’re a foul bachelor, and one of us. Congratulations, by the way.

Is Foul Bachelor Frog one of your favorite really funny memes or are you not cool? Maybe we’ve just given you some useful ideas, making this like the do it yourself article for single hedonistic men across the globe.

Leave your stance and other FBF confessions in the comments.

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