Dude Trying To Get Ex-GF Back Texts Wrong Number And Now The Internet Feels Sorry For Him

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Don’t worry, man, we are hoping you get her back.

People text the wrong number all the time — we have seen countless examples of that. We’ve seen a dude text the wrong number and talk about his penis, and we’ve also see a pissed off boss send his employer a harsh message meant for his wife. Things like this happen all the time. But the wrong text below involves some poor guy looking to get back with his gal.

A guy named Farhan took it to his Twitter to share an exchange he had with some dude who texted him thinking it was his ex-girlfriend, Michelle. When he discovered that it wasn’t exactly Michelle, this guy took the time to vent to Farhan about how he messed up his relationship.

And now everyone feels bad for him.

Take a look at the tweet below thanks to Farhan’s Twitter.

Here’s a closer look.

wrong text1

Photo: Twitter

wrong text2

Photo: Twitter

Just make sure she “ain’t a hoe,” Farhan. That’s important.

But damn, I sure hope Michelle gives this guy a chance. And the internet agrees.

Michelle, please. Please give him a chance.


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