Manager Accidentally Sends His Employee Harsh Text Meant For His Wife, Things Get Super Awkward

Photo: MangoStar_Studio (Getty)

Always double check your text before sending them off, folks.

It seems like some people are still not making sure that the texts they are sending off are actually being sent to the person they intended it to go to. And sure, we’ve all sent a text to the wrong person, but usually it’s not a big deal. Well it was a big deal for Hamza Hendrix’s manager.

Here’s what happened. So apparently Hendrix’s manager sent him a text that was not meant for him at all, as it was actually meant for his wife. Well let’s just say that the text Hendrix’s manger sent off wasn’t a romantic “I love you” text. It was much, much worse.

Check it out below thanks to Hendrix’s Twitter.

And Hendrix was of course confused.

And then Hendrix’s manager doesn’t hold back.

Man, straight to the point, huh? Going to assume his wife cheated? Or maybe she didn’t let him go out to play poker with his buddies.

In conclusion, I wonder if Hendrix’s manager ever ended up telling his wife what he thinks about her.

h/t FHM

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