Drake Memes Started From the Bottom

On a scale of 1 to Drake how depressed are you is a really legitimate question, so it’s kinda poetic that this man also became an important source of laughter for the internet community. And as everything that he does, Drake did this in a big style becoming a true meme machine, on the level of all time greats like Nicolas Cage. You could say that Drake memes started from the bottom and now they’re here, at the top.

The most famous Drake meme is derived from his hit song Hotline Bling and is served in a form of four same-sized blocks. The upper left one always contains Drake blocking his face, the lower left Drake enjoying himself and pointing, so the whole formula is to put a thing you don’t like in the upper right block and a thing you like in the lower right block. Which isn’t really funny, so we’ve skipped that.

But Hotline Bling is a gold mine for memes, funny ones, because of the silly and emotionally diverse faces Drake makes while doing his now famous dance. A dance perfect for wacky imitations, none better than the one done by Seth Rogen.

The physical version of “Ohh, you shouldn’t have… Thanks”. We’ve all been basically whoring ourselves for money since a young age.

I can feel the pain just by looking at this picture. Don’t know how by now every piece of furniture isn’t made from that thing used in children parks. We don’t need style, we need to feel safe in our homes.

Drake is not only about the emotional  pain anymore, he knows the hardship of everyday physical existence too.

At one point in the near future, all emotions will be portrayed by Drake’s faces in the Hotline Bling, and it’s definitely superior to blandly saying “I’m confused”.

But Drake’s main quality is that he is so emotional, illustrating how much rap has changed since the days of NWA.

So emotional. This playboy is sadder than an orphan.

Although he did had to suffer some really hard moments. Something that would break every man.

Seriously Drake, stop taking everything to heart so much. This image is a part of another Drake meme series named “All These” in which his pun-filled, emotional style is made fun of. The meme spiraled out of control and surpassed the rapper.

Yet another type of Drake meme is the one where the rapper is described doing some really sensitive and emotional things, that seem too crazy until you actually listen to some of his songs and watch his interviews. Then you can totally envision Drake picking a girl up in East Los Santos and leaving her in Palisades of Las Fierro.

Not only does Drake play Grand Theft Auto, he also looks like he’s a loading screen cover for it. But if this was the case actually you at least wouldn’t have to blush when someone sees your screen.

Drake is very aware that he is an internet meme sensation as he is a meme, even making a spoof song for Saturday Night Live appropriately called “More Than a Meme“. The best verse from it has to be “Feels like I’m in a bad dream, ’cause I got turned into another meme”. Sorry Drake, the Bad Luck Brian of rapper millionaires.

Despite all the girls, all the fame, and all the money, it seems like Drake will forever be that awkward kid who didn’t have someone to have lunch with. Or it’s just how we see him thanks to this picture.

Don’t feel too bad for Drake though, he’s wiping his tears with hundred dollar bills in his Jaguar, so share some of your favorite Drake memes in the comments, please.