Today’s Funny Photos 3-24-17

This just in: it’s Friday! Or at least it better be. Not like that fake Friday I had a few days ago that really threw me for a loop. And not the good kind of loop that involves the funniest GIFs of the week, either — the bad kind where it was just Tuesday.

OK, now that I’ve adequately promoted all of our staple recurring pieces besides the funniest tweets of the week (boom, I still got it) while also conveying to you my personal sense of humor through pop culture-y references to stuff I like, I guess all there is to do now is actually check out the funnies below. Surely you didn’t leave me behind sentences ago to do just that. Nobody’s that rude. Besides, I know everyone reads my intros because they are so invigorating and well done. I’m a really interesting perso– aaand, they’re gone.

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Today’s Funny Photos 3-24-17

And if that didn’t work: Here’s How To Take Yourself To Prom

Speaking of: Interesting Choice By The Salvation Army To Give Penis-Shaped Rubber Bands To Kids This Year

You could maybe look in the direction of yesterday’s funny photos.


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