A Collection Of The Most Hilarious Bruh Memes On The Internet

It’s just a matter of time when memes replace languages as the primary means of communication seeing how almost every emotion and situation is covered with a funny image. Why say that you lied when you can just post a blue drawing of a face with a mustache, and why say “I’m disappointed and annoyed” when the bruh meme exists? While the word is commonly used in various other memes like the *hits blunt* memes, it’s not the focal point of these funny images.

When we’re talking about bruh memes we have the leading image of the article in our mind, and while the bruh meme has a lot of variations, such is the beauty of memes after all, this is the one that started the craze. The original was heavily used without alterations of the upper text as a reply to all kinds of internet posts, whenever something states something that doesn’t make sense or is breaking a code of sorts.

Bruh meme origins

For those who aren’t familiar with it, “bruh” is a variation of the slang word “bro”, short, obviously, for “brother” and it’s sometimes used to express one’s annoyance with something that is happening. It’s nothing too hard to handle or outrageous like the things Bad Luck Brian has to deal with, but something that peeves a lot of people and is highly relatable.

But a term doesn’t become a meme until it’s conjoined with the perfect image for it, and the marriage of the word bruh and this photo of an NBA player John Wall is a match made in meme heaven. The Washington Wizards point guard is well aware that he has been immortalized on the internet, embracing the memeification of his likeness, even explaining the origins of the photo. Wall told that it was taken during the 2012-2013 NBA season when he was out injured on the bench, and his team was losing to Atlanta Hawks, so he was zoning out due to frustration. His whole body was bruhing.

Bruh meme versions

So Wall/bruh meme is used mostly when something irritating happens, it’s basically a reaction to some first world problems which are pretty common. Something that makes us take a big deep breath, then sigh in disbelief, it’s basically the verbal version of the facepalm. Somehow, the meme got heavily related to job situations, probably because they are the main causes of stress for most people.

It’s also one of the few NBA memes out there, as if you don’t know, the confused guy meme is the Los Angeles Lakers point guard Nick Young, so it’s normal that NBA topics were covered with it. And who better for using the bruh meme than the fans of New York Knicks, especially this season. Ok, every season.

Another version of the meme became extremely popular, but mostly on Vine since the origin is a video of a former high school basketball star Tony Farmer fainting after getting a two-year jail sentence for beating his girlfriend. But there are some image memes with Tony’s face as well.

Although we kept it almost to the reaction images of the bruh meme so far, this unnamed hero of the internet definitely deserves a shout out, although the post has been duplicated a lot of times.

We like to save the best for last, and this bruh meme is a brilliant nugget of comedy.

Feel free to post some of your favorite bruh meme images in the comments, but keep to the topic please and don’t make us bruh, bruh.  

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