Today’s Funny Photos 2-16-17

Can you feel it? The weekend is almost here. And not just any weekend, either. We’re talking President’s Day weekend. That’s three solid days of no work and all play. Or sleeping. If you’re like me, it’s mostly just sleeping. Regardless of what your plans may be, you’re still stuck at work for another two days. Wouldn’t you rather the time pass quickly than slowly (and horribly)? We’ll go ahead and assume the answer is yes. Otherwise, this roundup of funny photos is going to do you no favors. Also, if you chose the latter, we’re a little concerned for you. Seriously, you should think about talking to someone about that. It’s pretty bleak.

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Here’s an even better use of dog poo: Martin Shkreli Got Hit In The Face With Dog Poop And Now 2017 Is Already Better Than 2016





Like Twitter jokes? Did you hear the ones about the 2017 Grammy Awards?





Not to pile on, but there are plenty more hilarious pics in yesterday’s funny photos collection.


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