Today’s Funny Photos 12-14-16

It’s hard not to get a little excited when you realize the week is already half over. This is especially true if it’s felt like a particularly short week so far. Did you ever notice that when you say that either the week has seemed really short or really long, no one in the office ever disagrees with you? They’re always like “Yeah, it really has felt like a  (long/short) week. Do you think people just say that to be agreeable and end such an awful conversation, or do certain week’s actually drag on for everyone while others fly by for everyone? If I were to ask you right now if you think this intro seemed like it was short and sweet, would you agree just to shut me up? I wouldn’t blame you if you did, because at this point, even I can tell that I’m phoning it in.

Luckily, I never, ever phone in my picks for the funniest photos of the day. People actually look at and enjoy those (unlike my inconsistent, often incomprehensible nonsense intros), so I wouldn’t insult them by wasting their time like that. Therefore, prepare for yet another gut-busting installment of the best funnies from around the interwebs.

While you’re at it, steal a look at our funny photos section.

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He probably wouldn’t look so sad and lonely if he was browsing yesterday’s funny photos instead.


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