The Funniest GIFs Of The Week 11-24-16

It’s Thanksgiving, so one would naturally assume that this week’s roundup of funny GIFs would be holiday-themed to match the occasion. Well, you would be wrong in that assumption; we like to keep you on your toes. Or maybe the holidays crept up so suddenly this year that we totally forgot it was a holiday today. Either way, it’s time to relax, eat some turkey, and be thankful that you’re not any of the following people.

GIFs Of The Week 11-24-16:

Drunk bros will be drunk bros.
We’re starting to think people should be a little move careful when standing on the edge of boats.
Golf Ball Man could totally take Superman.
Leave it to the adults to ruin it for the kids.
You’re losing it, mom.
Terrible form, but brilliant recovery.
I’ll take that.
Wanted: Renegade Luchador in Cargo Shorts
To be fair, he looked pretty wasted even before the concussion.
It’s keep your eye on the ball, not your balls on the ball.
Sumo wrestling is so fake.

Remember when it wasn’t Thanksgiving? Last week’s hilarious GIFs do.


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