Woman Purposely Gives A Bunch of Dudes A Wrong Number, Random Guy Ends Up Trolling Them All

Photo: jackscoldsweat (Getty)

These days every phone has a camera, and there are other ways to make sure that the person you think you’re talking to is actually the person they say they are. And yet, people are still fooled. Hell, this woman spent seven months texting the wrong person. And even though this guy was pranked and a murder was confessed to him, he still asked for nudes. And that’s pretty much because a lot of dudes out there are naive and thirsty. And so the following texts below occurred.

So a woman named Brandy has apparently had a lot of guys flirt with her recently. So what has Brandy done? She has just been giving them the same wrong number. And this number actually has an owner. So what has the owner behind the wrong number been doing? Well, he’s just been trolling these dudes.

Check out his work below:


Damn, fake Brandy really doesn’t waste time. Here are some more hilarious text convos.








Well, fake Brandy sounds like a hell of a good time, so I’m interested of course.

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