Today’s Funny Photos 11-22-16

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and you know what that means: you can’t wait to get the f–k out of work. Well, guess what. You’re stuck here no matter how antsy you get, so pipe down and try to enjoy yourself while you have to pretend to. Funny photos will help with appearances, so let them put an extra spring in your step as you slowly trudge through a workday that increasingly seems like it will never end.

Today’s Funny Photos 11-22-16:

funny photos 11-22-162_funny_photos_11_22_163_funny_photos_11_22_164_funny_photos_11_22_165_funny_photos_11_22_16

You know, a funny tweet can be just as satisfying as a hilarious photo.

funny photos 11-22-167_funny_photos_11_22_168_funny_photos_11_22_169_funny_photos_11_22_16

There’s still time to browse the GIFs of the Week before the next batch rolls in.

funny photos 11-22-1611_funny_photos_11_22_1612_funny_photos_11_22_1613_funny_photos_11_22_1614_funny_photos_11_22_16

Can’t get enough Funny Photos? Neither can we.