12 Tastelessly Offensive Jokes You Probably Shouldn’t Tell At The Dinner Table

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Dinnertime during the holidays can be a lot like walking a tight rope. You never know if a political opinion, drunken gaffe, or offensive joke can ostracize you from the family. That said, if your family ostracizes you in any way, then they might be crap to begin with. So, give ’em hell with the following offensive jokes.

If you’re squeamish, we recommend clicking out of this page. If you’re sensitive, we recommend clicking out of this page, too. If you’ve ever heckled a comedian at a standup show because a joke offended you, please walk into oncoming traffic. Just kidding. See, that’s the beauty of it. (No seriously, walk dangerously close to the edge of a highway.)

Here are a few jokes to tell your grandma this during the holidays. Or not. Probably not.

Tastelessly Offensive Jokes You Shouldn’t Tell At The Dinner Table

But hey, if you’re looking to be given death stares by everyone at the dinner table, then you might as well use these jokes and you will accomplish that mission in no time at all.

Good luck!

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