The Funniest GIFs Of The Week 11-17-16

GIFs are the gifts that keep on giving as long as they remain funny (or get funnier) with each passing viewing. That’s what we were shooting for this week. Hence, there are a lot of people falling down. You can’t really go wrong with a wipeout. So we figured we’d play it safe and throw in a good eight or nine of them. Oh, and the obligatory boob GIF to start things off. We gotta ease you in, after all. So let ScarJo’s laughter become your laughter as you yuck it up with a fresh batch of LOLz a’ loopin’.

GIFs Of The Week 11-17-16:

gifs 11-17-16

Just trying to get a good look at that signature.

Don’t worry, the concussion will wipe out any memory of this.


Jeez dude, if you don’t want to get married, just say so.

gifs 11-17-16

Impressive — he kicked him with both feet.


Just because she’s a baby, it doesn’t make Dad Jokes any more acceptable.


You mess with the bulldog, you get the scorns.

gifs 11-17-16

I don’t think ice hopscotch is going to catch on.


These supermoons keep getting bigger and bigger.


Good thing those jagged boxes were there to break her fall. I mean face.


God, Dad, you’re so embarrassing.

gifs 11-17-16

Always end on a high not. Or drunk. Whatever works.

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