17 Pictures That Prove Kids Are Just Total Idiots

Photo:  John Wilhelm (Getty)

OK, OK, so I know they are kids and don’t know anything and they are just trying their best to soak up their brain with as much knowledge. But regardless, they are idiots. Do I feel like a bigger man for saying so? You damn right I do. OK, I don’t, but hey, it’s still fun watching these kids figure out life the tough way.

So while you saw a bunch of kids being caught acting like pervs, and you’ve seen kids attempt to drink water and fail, here is now some pictures that prove kids are just dopey idiots who are trying their best to get by.

The one thing that these kids have going for them is that the majority of adults are a lot dumber than they are, and kids are a hell of a lot smarter when compared to them. So that’s a plus for these rad kids.

And don’t yell at us, we are not actually calling kids idiots, we are just having fun, so please don’t send us death threats. Our threats inbox is way too full.

h/t Pleated-Jeans

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