Today’s Funny Photos 10-28-16

There’s nothing quite like a Friday. With the workweek now behind you — in a couple more hours, at least — it’s time to relax and pretend that Monday is far in the distance rather than roughly 48 hours away by day’s end. But try not to think about it like that. Denial is the much better option at this point. Save that negativity for Sunday. Today’s all about taking your mind off the inevitability of your pathetic life sinking back in with a fresh roundup of the funniest pics and memes around. They’re a surefire way to keep the blues at bay, especially since this weekend will probably go by even faster since it’s when everyone will be celebrating Halloween. Since Halloween is actually on Monday, though, you can expect a themed Funny Photos when you come back into work. Until then, these will properly work your funny bone into submission.

Today’s Funny Photos 10-28-16:

funny photos 10-28-162_funny_photos_10_28_163_funny_photos_10_28_164_funny_photos_10_28_165_funny_photos_10_28_16

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funny photos 10-28-167_funny_photos_10_28_168_funny_photos_10_28_169_funny_photos_10_28_16

If you enjoy hilarious photos, the Funniest GIFs of the Week should be right up your alley.

funny photos 10-28-1612_funny_photos_10_28_1613_funny_photos_10_28_1614_funny_photos_10_28_1615_funny_photos_10_28_16

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