A Keen Eye Results In This Guy Catching His Girlfriend Cheating Via Text

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It’s important to have an eye for detail. Most of the time, especially when it comes to your relationship with your significant other, you’ll be rewarded for such attention to the seemingly trivial. But in rare cases, it can actually be detrimental to said union. That’s where the following text exchange comes in. What starts out as nothing more than a series of increasingly sexy photos sent from girlfriend to boyfriend turns ugly pretty quick. And all because the guy was taking in the scenery with a little too much vigor. See if you can spot his girlfriend’s crucial mistake before he makes it known:

Guy Catches Girlfriend Cheating Via Text:

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That was quite a catch. I’ve never heard of someone figuring out their girlfriend was cheating by pointing out the girliest luggage in the room and deducing that it doesn’t actually belong to her. Tom should be ashamed of himself for more that one reason.Or maybe just embarrassed.

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