Today’s Funny Photos 10-18-16

Unless you’re someone who particularly hates church, Tuesdays are about as bad as it gets after Monday. It’s the second furthest possible day from the weekend, after all. That is, unless you count time travel. But trust us, we’ve been down that road and it only makes things more confusing. Besides, the end of the week isn’t the only way to achieve those giddy Saturday feels. Funny photos can go a long way in accomplishing that feat, as well. If one doesn’t cut it, try another. And then another. But once you hit 15 and it still hasn’t done the trick, you’re on your own. That’s typically our quota.

So as always, test the waters with a sexy meme, and let the LOLz loose from there. Speaking of quotas, today we saved all the obligatory political funnies until the very end so that those of you who really let those get your goat can enjoy yourselves for a sold 10 to 12 pictures before picking a fight with a stranger in the comments section.

Today’s Funny Photos 10-18-16

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Funny Photos 10-18-167_funny_photos_10_18_168_funny_photos_10_18_169_funny_photos_10_18_16

You can call our Funny Photos section Funnies for short.

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