Today’s Funny Photos 10-6-16

Funny photos may come and go, but it is today’s collection that will live on in your memory for years to come. For in this round of the funniest of funnies, you will see it all. All will be covered from the girl of your dreams to squirrel threesomes, and everything in between. Sure, that’s technically because those are the first and last photos in the batch, but we’re trying to be dramatic here. Don’t interrupt!

N0w, where were we? Oh yes, as if we hadn’t hammered the point home enough already (we have), our funny photos can’t be messed with because we’ve got a keen eye for dick and fart jokes. Se get ready to bust a gut, because the laughs start as soon as you scroll down. And for the minority who actually take the time to read these long-winded intro, thanks for hanging in there for this one. You’re the true Mandatory fans, and we love you for it.

Funny Photos 10-6-16


You should be rollin’ in Funny Photos instead.


Scramble your brains with even more Funny Photos.


I think we’ve seen enough for one day. Then again, whyt not revisit yesterday’s Funny Photos?