Woman Uses Snapchat To Inform Everyone She Has An STD (Again)

Ahh, social media, you can do so much with it — you can share pictures of your dinner, remind everyone how much you love Starbucks by posting pictures of your coffee every damn day, or, like the woman below, you can tell everyone that you have gonorrhea. Again. Thanks, social media.

If you think you have an STD and want let all your partners know to get tested, just post it on Snapchat for all to see. That’s how to save time! And that’s exactly what one woman did on Snapchat, and this Twitter user was able to save it so we can all see it. Take a look at his tweet below:

Woman Uses Snapchat To Inform Everyone She Has An STD (Again)

That’s right, somewhere in that woman’s brain she thought it would be a splendid idea to share with the world that she has “the clap.” That is certainly one way for her lovers to find out, too.

She even included a proof. How nice of her!


Maybe that’s why studies show that Americans are more likely to have an STD than Europeans, because studies show we are complete idiots.

h/t Bro Bible

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