Woman Reveals Birthmark Near Her Butt That Resembles A Dinosaur

Referred to as a “natural tramp stamp,” this birthmark resembling the long extinct Brontosaurus (go ahead and call us out on a dinosaur it more closely resembles, nerds) is already making big waves on the Internet. Posted by user maximeindeed on Imgur just four days ago, it’s been viewed nearly a quarter of a million times already. Here’s a closer look at the supposed dino:

Now, you might be asking yourself, “How is this news? How is this anything for that matter?” Well, whether or not your opinion is valid is a moot point. It’s taking America by storm, and you’re going to sit there like the rest of us and watch it happen.

Of the natural tattoo itself, maximeindeed says, “Basically, it’s a bigass birthmark, or dyspigmentation I believe it’s called. I have always hated it and since I can remember I’ve said “when I’m older, I’m having it removed”. As I got older however I have realized its charm and grown to love it.” The shot below shows the birthmark inverted from the one above (but with so many mirror selfies involved, we have no clue which of these photos is the correct form).

So what say you, adoring Mandatory audience? Not bad for a first post by maximeindeed at the very least, right? Personally, I’m not quite sure what all the hubbub is about, but perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye. Any insights will be appreciated in the comments.

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