I Don’t Know How, But This Girl Is Still Alive

Aside from making numerous visits to Starbucks and ordering non-fat lattes, 17-year-old girls apparently like to go “railing surfing,” which consists of sliding down railings. The object of this activity is to make it to the bottom of the staircase alive, but Annie Schwenker from South Carolina almost expired when she fell over the railing and down below.

“We were at a club in the cruise ship called Dazzles — it’s like an oldies club — and we went to the bathroom then decided to go ‘railing surfing’ back down there and I basically did a backflip and landed on the same railing on the flight of stairs below me…” Annie told Buzzfeed.

“It’s actually more embarrassing that I was sober because if I had been drunk it would be much more goofy. I only fell because I was stupid and let go with my hand which you can’t do when you’re railing surfing.”

Hey guys, there are rules to railing surfing.

Via Buzzfeed