Friendlyjordies Pokes Fun At Everything That’s Wrong With ‘The Bachelor’

After a string of hilarious videos which came crashing down on Aussie politics and the likes of Jacqui Lambie and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, social satirist Friendlyjordies has shifted focus to something a little more commercial. This time, his sights are set upon television series The Bachelor.

In his latest video, Friendlyjordies (aka Jordan Shanks) sums up the reality show as “Australia’s two-month booze-fuelled G-rated orgy where at the end we all wake up with someone we really regret”. Basically, The Bachelor is unapologetically torn to shreds by Shanks, who describes this year’s Bachelor Richie Strahan as a “vacant-faced potato chip who works on an oil rig, which he’s proud of, in two-thousand-and-fucking-sixteen,” and the character analysis doesn’t stop there.

Shanks points out that contestants are singled out and thoroughly examined, like the “fully grown woman who thinks she’s a mermaid on the show… and will probably win the grand prize of nothing and be paid less than minimum wage in the process”.

Also, don’t forget the “woman that loves bacon so much she got a tattoo that says bacon and really hopes the Bachelor is a fan of bacon but is ok if he isn’t because that just means she gets to eat more bacon”.

Shanks offers his analysis of the show’s core concept, which is not in fact the pursuit of true love, but “just what happens when you put a peacock and peafowl together and the male is completely ignored until you put a second peafowl in the pen at which point they start clawing each other’s eyes out for the peacock’s attention”.

There are blonde wigs, pink dresses, and champagne, with an impersonation of The Bachelor‘s (supposedly) chain-wearing, ciggie-smoking, and coke-snorting Executive Producer thrown in for good measure. In its over-doneness, it is overtly real, and an excellent reminder of what could be (and once was) if commercial TV in this current climate wasn’t “so devoid of risk, creativity, a script. Remember those?”

Watch Friendlyjordies tear The Bachelor a new one, below.

Watch: Friendlyjordies – ‘The Bachelor Summed Up’