Enjoy Early Black Friday Savings on The New Draft Top 3.0, Now Just $12

Sometimes there’s nothing like a tall cold one. But if you’re drinking suds straight out of the can, then you’re probably not getting the full experience. Which is why you might consider upping your beer drinking game with the New Draft Top 3.0 — Especially since you can get it for just $12 during our early Black Friday sale while supplies last.

Yes, it is more convenient to consume beer straight from the can. Unless you happen to be at home, you probably aren’t going to have a glass handy anyways. But in order to fully appreciate the brew, you need to be able to enjoy the beer’s aromas as you quaff. And if the beer is only coming out of that little hole in the top of the can, then those lovely hoppy aromas aren’t hitting your olfactory senses.

And that is where The New Draft Top 3.0 comes into play as it lets us enjoy the best of both worlds. We can continue to savor our beverages straight from the can, but it removes the top so the aromas hit our noses as intended. That makes it a game changing addition to any bar kit, especially for fans of craft beers which tend to feature complex flavor and aroma profiles.

Just put the New Draft Top 3.0 on the top of your can, rotate, and then safely remove the lid. The device folds over the rim of the can as it cuts, leaving no sharp edges. It essentially turns an imperfect beer can into a more suitable drinking vessel, making it a perfect tool to have at festivals, concerts, campgrounds, and more.

And this latest iteration of the Draft Top is even better than the previous ones. It features a pressure regulated handle so it’s easier to use, it has an embedded magnet so you can keep it on the fridge, and it has a hole for a lanyard too. Which is why it’s garnered positive attention from publishers like CNET, The Chive, and Playboy.

Enjoy a wobbly pop or two every once in a while? Then do yourself a favor and get the New Draft Top 3.0 while you can at this incredibly low sale price. But hurry, this sale won’t be around for long, so we suggest getting it now while you still can.

Prices subject to change.