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Get Out of Bed and Carpe Diem With This Desktop Wireless Charger With Alarm Clock

Being tardy to the party is fashionable, but to work? Grounds for firing. You know that, yet that doesn’t stop you from scrolling TikTok at midnight and praying that you won’t wake up groggy (spoiler alert: you always do). Make sure your phone is tucked away while charging and your alarm is set with the sunrise using this Desktop Wireless Charger with Alarm Clock.

If you’re consistently the late friend (second worst to only the friend with bad breath), this Desktop Wireless Charger with Alarm Clock could be your saving grace. Great for those of us who are irresponsible with time management or just not great at getting up in the morning, the alarm clock function is easy to read and super compact, so you can keep it on any cluttered nightstand. And, if you seriously need to get some ZZZs, it features a snooze function for just a few more minutes of shuteye.

Speaking of distractions, we understand that the glaring blue light of your electronics is a buzzkill to your REM cycle, so the digital clock uses a three-step adjustable brightness to ensure you can see the clock no matter how sleepy your eyes may be.

OK, yes, but what about those aforementioned blue light electronics? We need to circle back to your phone and how this little guy protects it from death. Just slip your phone into the back of the clock and enjoy super fast charging. The built-in surge protection protects against overcharging, surges, and overheating, so your phone is safe and sound.

Included is also a USB cord, so you can charge your new little buddy from your computer, wall, or anywhere else with a port. Your dreams of being punctual will never be squashed when you pick up this clock.

Get the Desktop Wireless Charger with Alarm Clock for $51.99 (Reg. $84).

Prices subject to change.