This 30-in-1 Multipurpose Knife Is Just What You Need For Your Next Adventure

If you’re the type of person who always likes to be prepared, you’re going to want something like this multifunctional tool that serves a variety of purposes. The MultiHelper Tool is a 30-in-1 utility knife that will help you out in a host of sticky situations. Whether you need to start a fire, open a non-twist top off a bottle, or to cut through something tough, the MultiHelper is what you’ve been missing all this time.

Within this multipurpose tool are 30 different apparatuses for various tasks including a ruler, flint, flat head screw, pocket knife, saw pulley, seven different Hex wrenches, a rotating shaft, and a whole lot more!

It’s constructed from 420 steel that is corrosion resistant and has a Rockwell rating of 58. Not to mention it’s lightweight weighing in at 3 oz and it’s durable so you can slide it in your pocket, bag, purse, backpack, or any other item in a confined space without it taking up a lot of room. Traveling by plane? The MultiHelper is TSA compliant so you don’t have to worry about it getting confiscated during security checkpoints.

We went over what this tool can do, so now it’s time to talk specifics. The knife’s blade is 2″ long and the total length of the device is 7.5″. To lock it up, all you have to do is fold it and you’re set.

All in all, this tool is a total godsend. It’s ideal to take with you while camping, backpacking, hiking, or fishing. Basically, it’s something you will never want to be without. Hell, you might even feel “naked” if you accidentally leave it behind as it’s so essential.

You can get the MultiHelper Tool for $25.99 for a limited time only while it’s on sale for our National Knife Day promo which ends on Aug. 31. Make sure to snap it up today before the sale ends!

Prices subject to change.