This Whiteboard Notebook Digitally Sends Your Notes to the Cloud

Listen, we’ve all got that one special item we’ve been collecting since we were kiddos. For some of us is baseball cards, others is shot glasses. But what we know for sure is that every single person on this planet earth has a graveyard of slightly used notebooks hidden somewhere in their house. This is a damn shame for several reasons, the most important being that it’s contributing to our ever cluttered abode. Instead of using a typical notebook, writing something down, and then throwing it in a corner to collect dust for all of eternity, try using a notebook the 2021 way by digitally saving your notes with this set of Mini Wipebook Scan Notebooks.

Okay, so here’s how note taking of the future works: this notebook has 20 A5 pages to create on when the mood strikes you to conjure up something wonderful (or if you just need to take minutes at the staff meeting, you know, same thing). Not just a regular whiteboard, this notebook saves all of your files digitally for safe keeping. By saving all of your work on the interwebs, everything you noted is in one place for you to use later, send to your coworkers, or to keep in a secret file lovingly titled “people I want to punch in the face but I couldn’t tell anybody so I wrote it down instead” (we all have one, you’re not alone).

Giving this bad boy a go is easy! Simply just scribble, doodle, jot, or note anything your heart desires, use the Wipebook Scan App to send it to the cloud, and, bam, all of your life’s work is saved in one place like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Just wipe away your last masterpiece and start a new one when you’re ready.

Get the Mini Wipebook Scan: 2-Pack for $52.95 (Reg. $59).

Prices subject to change.